About AQN

AQN is a non-profit organization directed by business professionals focused on providing education and training in quality.


The mission of AQN is to educate the Albuquerque business community on quality principles and processes to improve organizational performance.


AQN is a premier partner and contributor to the success of Albuquerque businesses as they pursue their quality journeys. As a result, Albuquerque is recognized as a center for business performance excellence.


  • Community – bring together people interested in learning and pursuing personal excellence.
  • Innovation and Resourcefulness – continually improve products, services, internal processes, and organizational capabilities.
  • Accountability – responsible to goal attainment through effective systems and approaches with customers and others.
  • Customer Focus – provide products and services that contribute to the customer’s success.
  • Organizational and Personal Learning – provide the necessary education and training to bring individual awareness of quality principles and practices to a competitive level.