Seminars and Training

October 2017:

Integrating Project Management into the Clinical Trial Environment
Presented by
David Hunt and VACSPCRPCC project directors and project managers

September 2017:

Root Cause Analysis and Solutions to Human Performance Gaps
Presented by
Claudia Bloom

August 2017:

Quality Jeopardy!
Presented by
Dr. Ted Kreifels

July 2017:

Synchronizing People and Processes: Practical Application of How to Maximize Output
Presented by
David Vedera

May 2017:

A Quality Process:  Cascading Strategic Mission, Vision and Values
Presented by
Patricia Goodson

April 2017:

Using Performance Excellence to Drive Customer Engagement
Presented by
Sam Hatchell

March 2017:

Quality Strategies
Presented by
John Reed

February 2017:

Quality Leadership
Presented by
Dr. Jacqueline Hood

January 2017:

A Quality Collaboration to Improve Graduation Rates
Presented by
Dr. Angelo Gonzales

November 2016:

The Chicken or the Egg
Presented by
Gail Mora

October 2016:

Innovation Approach and Methods
Presented by
Tim Schindele

September 2016:

From the NFL to Your Organization.  How to Raise Expectations & Improve Performance…with Compassion
Presented by
Stan Davis

August 2016:

Quality Projects That Make a Difference
Presented by
Ralph Wallace

July 2016:

Leadership on Fire:  How to Activate Leadership Greatness
Presented by
Jerome Wade

May 2016:

Beyond Data:  Managing Through the Art of Measurement
Presented by
Doug Johnson

April 2016:

Customer Engagement:  Understanding and Managing the New Dynamics in Customer Relationships
Presented by
Donna Agnew

March 2016:

Systems Thinking Applied to Strategic Management
Presented by
Marlena Taylor

February 2016:

LEADERSHIP ON FIRE!  Techniques to Engage and Inspire Your Teams to Excel
Presented by
TK O’Geary

January Annual Breakfast 2016:

Entrepreneurs Stay Where the Community Supports Them
Presented by
Gary Oppedahl
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November 2015:

From Customer Data to Company Decisions
Presented by
Dawn Reed and Kathleen Swanson
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October 2015:

Lean Concepts and Tools to Drive Continuous Improvement
Presented by
David Ortega

September 2015:

Mapping Techniques for Continuous Improvement
Presented by
Randy Simons
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August 2015:

Quality Principles for Effective Project Management
Presented by
Jane Betterton, PMP
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June 2015:

The Power of Connection in Employee Engagement
Presented by
Susie MacLean
Executive Director of Health and Wellness
Presbyterian Healthcare Services
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May 2015:

Business Decisions in an Agile Culture
Presented by
Kent Gordon, CPA
Chief Financial Officer, TriCore Reference Laboratories
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April 2015:

Designing for the Customer Experience
Presented by
ara Frederick
Customer Solutions Engineer, Presbyterian Healthcare Services
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March 2015:

Two Rights Don’t Make a Wrong: Keys to Effective Strategy Execution
Presented by
Jeffrey B. Weinrach, Ph.D.,
Strategy Accelerator Officer, Kirtland Federal Credit Union
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February 2015:

Leadership: Quality Principles for Effective Leadership
Presented by
Danny L. Armijo II,
Director of New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership

January 2015:

AQN 25th Annual Breakfast Seminar

A New Year’s Resolution for New Mexico:
Education’s Role in Economic & Civic Viability
Presented by
Dr. Katharine W. Winograd
President of Central New Mexico College
Dr. Peter Winograd
Director of the UNM Center for Education Policy Research
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